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We offer a superb email system that is highly adaptable and grows with your business. offered in blocks of 5 accounts prices start from just £1.99 per month.


We take email security very seriously and our email system:

Protects your e-mails with TLS encryption technology

Complex security measures and redundant technology ensure that your information is secure and protected against data loss

Your e-mail mailboxes are stored on servers protected against spam and viruses

Our email system improves your business presence by:

Promote one e-mail address, from your business cards to your business website

Give your business correspondence a professional look, from e-mails to letters

Simple to remember and write down, making it quick and easy for your customers to reach you


Contract to any of our managed website offers and the first 5 email addresses are free.








Regardless of your budget, we will make your site work well and look great.  


Managed Website

Let your flair flow with our Self Design Managed Website. You design the website you want with our simple Content Management System (CMS) using hundreds of templates as a starting point. When you are happy with your design we will then carry out the basic optimisation to make your website visible to search engines.


First 5 email accounts free with this package.



Fully Managed Website

We will design and implement an industrial grade ecommerce solution for you. No major upfront costs and you are up and running in as little as 72 hours. We make websites that are designed to look good helping you to attract new customers whilst retaining existing customers. We also ensure that all our websites are fully mobile compatible as these days almost everyone carries a mobile phone. So when someone wants to view your website we make sure your website is shown in the best possible way.


First 5 email accounts free with this package.


Bookkeeping Service

We designed our bookkeeping service to be simple and to take all the hassle away from the client. We found that many small businesses set out to do this chore but very soon are faced with a mountain of receipts and invoices and then the "hide them in a box kicks in", next thing they know its year end and now it is a real problem and expensive to sort out.


Ethos want to relieve you from this fear and allow you to totally focus on doing what you want and love to do. Let Ethos Bookkeeping take away the hassle of bookkeeping from you simply and painlessly.


We offer a very simple system designed to fit around your lifestyle, no job is too small for us. We offer very competitive rates paid monthly so no big shocks once a year anymore.


Sole trader, partnership or limited company it matters not to us we treat all with the same empathy and respect. Outsource your bookkeeping to Ethos today and relax knowing your monthly and yearly fears have gone.


We offer many different levels of outsourcing from simply scooping up all your receipts and entering them on to spreadsheets or full blown monthly accounting and yearly accounts or full blown ledger control and management.


Already have an accountant? not a problem we can take the daily receipt and invoice entry on to your accounts program and give your accountant whenever they need at a fraction of the cost.


Call us today and find out how our simple, efficient and cost-effective service can make you less stressed and more efficient.


VAT Returns

Supplier Processing

Sales Invoice Processing

Profit & Loss Reports

Credit Control


Bank Reconciliations

Project Costing & Management

Stock Control

Virtual Accounts Department





Vat returns

Profit & Loss Reports

Credit control

Supplier payments due

Bank reconciliations

Processing sales invoices

Processing supplier invoices


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