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Ok so you want a web presence, so first things first do nothing! Yes that’s right do nothing. A mug of your favourite drink, a pad of paper and a pen is all you need for step one. Sounds crazy but let me explain. More money (and time) are spent because this vital step was missed.




Simply this, only when you know what you do and then what you want the internet to do for you should you consider doing anything.


For example, you may be a potter making bespoke pottery. So we know what you do, you are a potter of course! Well not really that simple, a potter makes a very wide range of products and services 95% of which you don’t do. So we need to be very clear and specific.


So step one is write down everything or every product you do. Now you know what you do.

Next step is what do I want the internet to do? Well if you are a potter you want to sell products right? Well yes you might want to do that, but if you are a bespoke statue maker you may not, you may want people to contact you or come to your studio as its all but impossible to sell online a bespoke product.


So step two is write down what you expect the internet to do for you. Now we clearly understand your expectation of the internet.


Step three is where we come in, we can understand, advise and implement your requirements so that your project matches your expectations. It may be that you just want a website that says who you are and what you do. You have no aspirations to sell online and you just want to refer your own customers to your website. In this case our Entry Content Management System would fit the bill. Simple and intuitive to use you will soon have your ideal website up and running.


You may want an ecommerce website that you want to update and add and subtract to yourself. Then we offer a managed solution where we do the core design and you then update as you wish.


Or you may just want to get on and do what you do best and use our fully managed system leaving everything to us.


whichever service you require we offer the same professional understanding approach to your project.





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