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Welcome to Ethos Services - Ecommerce Made Simple

At Ethos Services we want you to spend your time and effort concentrating on making your business a success, not spending hours worrying about creating and managing your website and email.


Working with our clients we understand that the thought of the internet, designing then setting up a website and email can be paralysing and bewildering to say the least.


At Ethos we have a simple view that is if you do what you do best you will be the most efficient. To achieve this let Ethos take all the things that are chores or too daunting to deal with leaving you free to concentrate on your business.


Many small business people start out fully intending to have a good internet presence. they are faced with endless adverts saying “we have the easiest internet website software”, “build your website in 5 minutes” etc, etc. They pay their £25 per month (or pay nothing and realise that the free version actually does almost nothing!) sit back and wonder why is my website NOT getting enquiries? why am I still unlisted in Google and Bing a year later???


The biggest shocker for most people is the pretty website they have just designed is just that, pretty. without building what we call the backend, registering the site correctly inserting the correct Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and links into the website and the search engines a website will go nowhere and chances are will never rank in Google or Bing.


The hard facts are if it were that easy there would be no website companies as everyone would just do their own. Just the same as plumbing is just joining pipes isn’t it? Ecommerce is a trade and profession just like any other and to do the job properly you need to use people who are trained and professional at what they do.


At Ethos we offer a structured approach to your ecommerce solution, we offer a full bespoke service but also a service that allows you to design your own website using our system and then WE do the techie bits for you.


So if you want the flexibility of designing your own website, use the Ethos system and get the best of both worlds, your flair our expertese!


Call or email us today and find out how our simple, efficient and cost-effective service can make you less stressed and more efficient.

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